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At Toshiba, we do a lot more than build laptops. Our Solutions team is dedicated to solving advanced business challenges, asking the question “how can we make each customer’s workforce more efficient, more productive, more secure?”

Our Solutions are built on three key elements: our engineering expertise, our Solutions field team, and you, the customer. In many cases we start with a Proof of Concept, working directly with a customer. By consulting and collaborating all the way from concept through development to production, we can deliver a real, working solution that meets their specific needs.

We’re constantly working on new concepts. So if you have a particular business challenge, we’d be happy to talk.

Enterprise class Edge Computing and Assisted Reality from Toshiba

The Toshiba dynaEdge DE-100 on its own provides Windows 10 based mobile computing at its highest level. However, when combined with the Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 Viewer smart glasses, it forms something truly special; a hands-free Assisted Reality solution designed to improve the efficiency of the front-line workforce.

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Maximum security from Toshiba Mobile Zero Client

Delivering all the security benefits of a zero client, with all the productivity and flexibility of a laptop, Toshiba Mobile Zero Client (TMZC) can unlock new ways of working for your employees. Thanks to our expertise and our full ownership over the system BIOS, we can fully tailor TMZC to fit your infrastructure and your existing security regulations.

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Change is here

Dynabook Inc. (The former company name is Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) and its subsidiaries were deconsolidated from Toshiba Group on October 1, 2018.

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